I have to admit when I wrote my original blog regarding my and other black owned footwear companies, I wondered how it would be received.  I must say, THANK YOU! As so many people came out in support.  Reached out, and shared my blog to their pages and groups.

Now of course I met some backlash and to the credit of other's reading a little negativity they jumped on them.  Now I will say, I try to respond to each and every comment, question or concern that is posed.

Some feedback and questions and comments: Find answers below.
Why are there no black models on your website?
Why are there no bigger sizes?
Do you have a store/physical location?
Do you sponsor teams?

Why are there no black models?
I admit I had to chuckle when I first saw this and it was asked or commented only about four times.  What some don't understand is that ROCKDEEP INC has been in business for quite a while.  I touted as loud as I could in all the Buy Black, Black Lives and Black Business Facebook and social media spots that I was a Black Owned business. 

To no avail. 

Mind you - it was early but I have worked hard on and for my company since selling kicks from my trunk.  My friends and family knew who I was.. and what I did for my community.

As I grew I realized I could not get on the shelves on Footlocker, Foot Action and even your local stores around the United States because they were full of overpriced Nike's, Adidas, and other kicks that weren't selling and when they were on discounts.

Those Jordan's everyone buys on release date but never have enough of aren't being moved over for I had to switch up my business approach and developed diverse footwear and apparel or as we say in the industry.  Re-purpose it.   So while my people love the expensive ACG Tech, Helley Hanson, Northface etc.  I have the same quality outdoor wear called RAX.  For far far less.

Dante Hoagland rockin the ROCKDEEP LEGACY'sBy the way - Actor Dante Hoagland who played lil Michael Bivens in the New Edition movie rocking our Legacy's.

I have trail running shoes, boots and more that kill in prices other's cant compete with. 
Feel free to check them ALL out.  both for sale now and when we open our first store this summer.

But to the major point of why not?  Before I get to rambling... it was marketing. I needed to market to the 70% of people who were buying my products.  Now some say and assume that it meant that means 30% were black folks buying.  No.  I would say it more like 10% even with my initial Kickstarter.  Those I knew..went to school with and family who are black.  They supported.  No doubt about it.  But the majority of my base?  White women. 

So if you know about marketing and business, you make decisions to support your family based on who's supporting and buying your product.  But now I seemed to have awakened the masses.  Thanks to Mr. Ball. (Thanks sir).

Why are there no bigger sizes?

The reason there are few sizes bigger than 13 in many styles currently are because I've been in business for a while now, and I can't simply call my factory like the big boys (yet) and say "hey send me a few more sizes".  Thats not how it works.

You have to sell out of almost everything you have before you can think about restocking, because JUST like the others you know and love, we order massive amounts.  Me not as massive as they, but in order to make my prices affordable keep the quality I want to provide I need to order large quantities.

Its about a 60 to 90 day process which includes shipping it (30 days) and going through inspection and security at the ports.  It's an entire thing.... for real. But we will be restocking when we open our first store this summer.  

Do you have a store/physical location?

Not as of yet and as the previous answer stated, its coming and we are happy about it.

Do you sponsor teams?
This is also one of those questions I chuckle about initially.  If I can impart any wisdom on those of you who are parents, coaches, mentors or the like.  When you approach any company, large or small to sponsor your team.  It is incumbent on you to understand a few things.
1. Have you purchased anything from that company?

Alright it was just one thing, but order for a business to support YOU, you must first support IT so they can afford to then GIVE BACK and support you.

THIS and ONLY this is how giving back to the communities that support you work.  Many assume just because you are a company becoming established that you have a bunch of free product to give out.  We don't.  We try and set some aside to put into the hands of people it will be seen on.

I personally set aside large numbers to give to the homeless and to those in transition shelters and group homes for kids.

I would MUCH rather give to those who really need it - than those who claim seeing OUR kicks on your kids shoes will sell more kicks.  No. the truth is you purchasing my kicks will help me put additional kicks on your teams feet.

If we want to truly give BACK to our community we are giving to those who can't buy a pair, to those who don't already have 10 pairs of Jordans they or their parents purchased.

Ok so we are good with all that...and I'm coming to a close.  The last thing and I want to mention this again.  The best thing you can do if you can't purchase a pair of kicks is buy a tee.  Like our Facebook page, Twitter Page, Instagram Page. AND most of all.

Go into your local store and ASK FOR ROCKDEEP and if you are serious about supporting Black Owned business, tell them you won't be back until they have more black owned footwear companies on their shelves.

YOU control that, not us.   If Q4 Sports ( does well, we do well.  If we do well they do well. It's about all our companies, and even those reading it.  So please take all of this into account and IF you got this far, know there are two pairs of kicks that from size 5 - 13 for men and women on sale on our site now.

What would I be not letting you know?  We got over 5000 hits in 2.5 days, but the sales didn't show it as I know each person as they all reached out to me.  Payday is coming and you'll be happy you purchased the T-REIGN or the pic shown already the LEGACY.

Below are some other kicks we are releasing and have on our website.  Happy shopping and thank you again!!!

-ROCKDEEP INC. I apologize for broken links as well. (

Here are some other shoes we will be releasing or are already on the site in limited sizes. If $495 isn't anything to you, and you love quality you are REALLY going to love our products.

P.S.  We own another company called RDevine Wedding and Bridal which designs and makes custom wedding dresses and suits all under $1000.  We are all on a budget and my wife will design something just for you.  Or we'll sell you something you've already had your eye on. (