About Our CEO

About Rocky Parrish - CEO 

Born in Vicksburg, Mississippi and son of two military parents (Leon and Mary Parrish).

Rocky grew up in his younger years in the Del Ray area of Alexandria, VA later moving to Arlington, VA where he began making roots while attending Thomas Jefferson Middle and Wakefield High School.

During his freshman year his parents moved to Oxon Hill, Maryland while driving him back to Arlington to finish out his freshman year so he could maintain his grades and friends he'd been going to school with since 2nd grade.

Rocky graduated high school from Oxon Hill High where he credits his experiences in a tougher atmosphere as well as great teachers- for who he is today. 

Rocky has worked since he was the age of 12 bagging grocery at the local A&P and later on base at Ft. Myer in Arlington, VA. He was an entrepreneur since 5th grade selling Now & Later's as well as Blow Pop's to classmates in elementary school. 

He even paid other's to sell candy for him.  He paid in candy and kept the cash.  He was later closed down, as the teacher said it was a distraction instead of seeing the creativity and business acumen he held at such a young age.

Rocky in his "past life" as he often calls it, has worked for the federal government as a Contracts Specialist. He decided after some years that he would leave and create his own business.  RIP Solutions Consulting was created.

His talents included marketing, management consulting and of course contracts management.   

Having played sports most of his life Rocky developed problems with his feet and wanted to make sure when he developed footwear that he created products with maximum comfort.  No matter the foot, no matter the person.

Rocky is married to Desiree Parrish with whom he credits the success of ROCKDEEP and getting the company to the next level.

He has 7 children (Darion, Grey, Alissa, Lil'Leon, Xavier, Brock and Filomena)

Rocky credits his mother and father Mary and Leon by watching how hard they worked to provide for their children for his work ethic.

His Father Leon T. Parrish, SR passed away in March 2022. 

Rocky has 5 siblings (Sattina, Robin, Leon Jr., Andrea and LaVangela