Effective January 1st 2024

To all who are currently members. By now you have received a message from the CEO directing you here.  This is to give specific information regarding your memberships.

ALL Brand Emissaries who have purchased a Membership will have their memberships honored. Membership means you are entitled to discounts on new footwear releases. 

This is what you as a member will be owed moving forward:

  • The number of free pairs you are owed via your level of membership will be honored.
  • A credit for any pre-orders you made.
  • A discount on the pre-orders you made.
  • Once pre-orders begin to ship out as planned you will have additional years added to your membership for free.

What does this mean? The CEO appreciates those of you who stood by and supported in the midst of all that occurred.  He has made every attempt to apologize for his actions that delayed the receipt of your goods.

It is his promise that all will be corrected and you above all as Members will be rewarded the most.

We will remove members from the Facebook Group who have asked for their membership to be refunded.  Memberships are non-refundable. 

We remind EVERYONE, that with your paid membership you were sent free pairs which were worth more than the membership.

IF you  purchased a Membership after the period of time that bonus pairs were shipped to members, you will have two free pair of new releases added to your Membership, as a thank you and appreciation for standing by us.

Although you as Members were given discounts on new releases, you will be given discounts on top of those.

You can utilize the credit that was applied to your account to purchase the footwear again for less than the amount you purchased it initially.

For some of you that will be below our cost to product the footwear.

Cashback Program:

With the new Website Launch we are adding a Cashback program which for you as Members will be even more beneficial than our regular customers. 

We will make sure the inconvenience you have experienced is worth what you went through.

We appreciate you and look forward to providing you quality products as always.