Free Pairs


For customers who had late arriving or footwear that hasn't been delivered yet we have promised you a free pair of sneakers of your choice.

They must be the same price point or lower. 


We will be upfront and state that free pairs are simply a gesture of appreciation from the CEO.  They are not owed, they are not obligated and they are not contractual. 

Therefore there have been certain stipulations put in place in order for customers to qualify for a free pair.

  • No disparaging comments made on social media about ROCKDEEP or it's CEO
  • No emails harassing the Customer Support Staff regarding the free pair.
  • (This does not include asking about your originally ordered pair.)
  • If you made a chargeback.
  • If you received your ordered pair AND made a chargeback. (You will be receiving a friendly email)
  • Asked on social media, "where's my free pair I was promised?"

The CEO has done numerous updates over the last year about the free pairs he would be giving to customers who were patient and understanding of the situation.  He wanted to go the extra 5 miles in offering a free pair in order to retain your business.

He plans to keep that promise, however he DID explain he needed to make sure ALL who ordered would still need to receive their pairs, and production would need to happen for those not produced yet.

We only ask that you show the patience with us in getting everyone what was promised, as we work to keep you updated on everything along the way. 

Thanks for trusting in us and that we will do what we say we are going to do.