Moving Forward

Moving Forward: Credit's

EFFECTIVE January 1st 2024

If you have an outstanding Pre-Order:

You have a credit for the amount paid in your account. 

(You will have access to this information soon.)

You will receive the following:

  • 35% Discount off the same product if you still want it....or
  • 35% Discount off another new sneaker release.
  • 50% Discount off any new release
  • Free pair of sneakers (if you qualify)

All those due a free sneaker as promised WILL get it IF they qualify.  We intentionally put some limitations on qualifying for that.

While we are trying to make up for severely inconveniencing many of our customers, we do not owe anyone anything free in exchange for vile words thrown our way.  

It wasn't a difficult request.  We will however honor our promise to those who remained patient even through the inconvenience we caused.

If you have still NOT received the following Pre-Orders:  (as of 6.1.22)

  • M.1 Re-Release
  • Sojourners: (Dutch Ice & Truth)
  • Mt. Speke: Black & Blue/Tonic
  • AB II's: White or Black
  • Mansa Musa Mali Crown
  • Warrior Masks: Blue, Infrared, Iridescent
  • Mother Africa
  • Vegan Runner: Blue or Wu

ROCKDEEP will also credit you 35% off your product so that you can purchase it again at a discount.

You will also receive 50% off your next two purchases of footwear. 

Apparel Orders:

If you ordered any apparel you have also been credited.
ROCKDEEP will give you a 35% off your repurchase of the same item. 


*All Samples are excluded from cashing out credits, but you are able to use legacy points.