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  • MANSA ABU BAKR(ABII) Low White / Gum Sole
  • Mansa Abu Bakr II - The second Mansa style release by ironically the Mansa who preceded the well known Mansa Musa.  
  • Please see history below.
  • Upper: Microfiber / Knit
  • Outsole Options:  EVA / Translucent Air Cage
  • Intended Use: Indoor Basketball, Training, Casual
Far before Columbus the murderer. rapist faux explorer Malians sailed to the America's in 1311
Abu Bakr II (fl. 14th century), also spelled Abubakri and Abobakar and known as Mansa Qu, may have been the ninth mansa of the Mali Empire. He succeeded his nephew Mansa Mohammed ibn Gao and preceded Mansa Musa. Abu Bakr II abdicated his throne in order to explore "the limits of the ocean".
Virtually all that is known of Abu Bakr II is from the account of Chihab al-Umari.[1] Al-Umari visited Cairo after Mansa Musa stopped there during his historic hajj to Mecca, and recorded a conversation between Musa and his host, Abu'l Hasan Ali ibn Amir Habib. According to Musa, Abu Bakr became convinced that he could find the edge of the Atlantic Ocean, and outfitted two expeditions to find it.[2][3][4][5]
Following Abu Bakr II's failure to return from the second of those expeditions, Mansa Musa acceded to the throne.
According to a number of sources, Abubakari II, Mansa (King) of the Mali Empire in the 14th century, led Malian sailors to the Americas, specifically present-day Brazil, almost 200 years before Columbus arrived. Abubakari II ruled what was arguably the richest and largest empire on earth – covering nearly all of West Africa.
African-Guyanese historian Ivan Van Sertima, writing on the testimony of Emperor Kanku Musa recorded by the Arab Ibn Amir Hajib and transcribed by Al Omari in the 14th century in Egypt during the pilgrimage of Musa, and on the description of the empire of Mali made by Ibn Battuta in the 14th century, explained:

Lured by exploration, Abubakari II called engineers of the Lake Chad who were known to build ships like their Egyptian ancestors and studied all the ships on the rivers Djoliba (Niger) and Senegal to help him launch a massive fleet across the ocean.

He also hired a large and diverse crew of sailors, traders, builders, artists, warriors, and learned men, and supplied them with enough rations to last two years. The fleet then went across the great western ocean, relying on a unique system of drum communication.

When only one ship returned with a lone captain, telling the king “that after several days on the sea, the ships were sucked up by a sort of river with a powerful flow on the ocean and all the ships disappeared at the horizon”, Abubakari decided to sent off on the journey himself.


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