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This Boot was designed in 2022, and was originally named the DIORITE. It was specifically designed for a need by those in the Delivery Field like UPS, USPS, Fed Ex, DHL and others like Metro Rail and Bus Operators.

Many of whom would deliver packages to ROCKDEEP.  In discussing what they already wear, the ROCKDEEP CEO would listen to what they currently wore did and didn't do for them.

He sought out to meet those needs.

Product Description:

  • Lightweight
  • Leather and Ballistic Mesh Upper
  • Steel Toe
  • ROCKDEEP "Ruka" Insole Bounce Technology
  • Provides No Foot Fatigue


The Stevenson Boot tells a story of a time when the ROCKDEEP CEO spent time incarcerated at Lewisburg USBP.

He was a kitchen cook and his Supervisor was CO Stevenson, who were few who treated inmates or more specifically his staff like humans.

This Boot will be apart of the ROCKDEEP Felony Kicks Collection.


Diorite (/ˈd.ərt/ DY-ə-ryte)[1][2] is an intrusive igneous rock formed by the slow cooling underground of magma (molten rock) that has a moderate content of silica and a relatively low content of alkali metals. It is intermediate in composition between low-silica (mafic) gabbro and high-silica (felsic) granite.

Diorite is found in mountain-building belts (orogens) on the margins of continents. It has the same composition as the fine-grained volcanic rock, andesite, which is also common in orogens.

Diorite has been used since prehistoric times as decorative stone. It was used by the Akkadian Empire of Sargon of Akkad for funerary sculptures, and by many later civilizations for sculptures and building stone.



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