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ROCKDEEP INFINITE Decimus Runner (Black/White/Green/Copper) (Future Releases)

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If you are unsure of your sizing with us, please check the EUR sizing on the sneakers you wear currently and compare that to our US / EUR Size.  Make sure you pick the size that matches our EUR size.

Example:  If you wear a size 11 in Nike but your EUR is a 44 get our 10.5.
If you are a 12 men but your EUR is 47 get our 13.  Everyone on most brands sizes differently for their US size.. but EUR size is pretty standard across the board.

MEMBERS:  This will not qualify for a free pair.  You have way too many other options, so IF you want these, you can utilize your member discount. 



Aemilianus (c207-253AD)

Born in the Roman province of Africa, apparently at Jerba or Djerba, an Island off the coast of Tunisia, Aemilianus or Aemilian was a Moor by descent. He commanded an army in the Balkans, his primary concern being to bring about peace along the much-troubled Danube frontier. The Goths, under King Cniva, crossed the border in 253 AD and attacked Cappadocia, Pessinus, and Ephesus, but Aemilianus and his legions took the Goths by surprise and accounted for most of the Goths. His troops subsequently proclaimed him Emperor, and Aemilianus, his eye firmly focused on Rome, marched quickly upon the capital city The legitimate ruler, Trebonianus Gallus, fled and was later killed by his own guards. Aemilianus was then proclaimed Emperor by the senate. However, his tenure was short-lived as he was soon killed by his soldiers, the latter wishing to avoid a civil war as Valerian, the governor of the Rhine provinces, was marching south with a stronger army, and truth betold they thought Valerian a better option than the erstwhile Aemilianus.

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