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PLEASE READ THE ENTIRE Product Description:


ROCKDEEP is NOT responsible for customers' failure to read the product description and its contents.



Please review your order before completion. If you order the wrong size by accident and do not realize until we ship and your original size is sold out, the only thing you can hope for is someone else exchanging. 

PLEASE sign up for email marketing when purchasing and download the ROCKDEEP app on either App Store if you haven't already. 

The CEO will make updates in the following ways

  • Email
  • APP
  • Production Schedule on the website
  • Social Media via CEO Updates during the week or IG and Facebook stories.


These updates will make it easier for you to track the progress of your reservation.  

Please feel free to contact corporate to change your address or make a size change.


SIZE CHART: How to assure you get an exact fit.

  • Please compare your Euro Size in your current non-ROCKDEEP Sneakers to this chart.
  • Please select your Euro size that equates to ours and of course select the US size.

Ordering the Wrong Size:

  • If you pick the wrong size you will be responsible for shipping the footwear to get the correct size.
  • If we send you a size you did not order, we will issue you a return label.  




Customers have thirty days to cancel their reservations(pre-orders) without incurring a cancelation fee (35%).

Those who choose to cancel their reservations(pre-orders) thirty days after purchase, incur a 35% cancelation fee before the remaining amount of funds is refunded.

If after thirty days you choose to cancel your reservation(pre-order) and choose to obtain a store credit or exchange instead of a refund, the original order amount will be applied to store credit or exchange. The 35% cancelation fee will be waived in this instance.


Reservations (Pre-Orders) produced are based on the number of items(reservations/pre-orders) purchased determined by the MOQ quantity agreed upon by ROCKDEEP and their manufacturer. When a customer cancels their order after ROCKDEEP's production order is placed with the manufacturer, ROCKDEEP incurs fees tied to the aforementioned shoe. To put it plainly, we are responsible for the number of shoes in the order placed even if a customer decides to cancel their order. These become unexpected costs that need to be consumed by our small businesses. In order to continue to provide quality products at an affordable price, we aim to keep these costs at a minimum with a set of detailed policies. Therefore, when an order has been canceled after the 30-day marker, the customer has broken the sale contract that was signed and acknowledged when clicking the "check box" at checkout.

  • Reservations generally take 3 to 4 months which starts at the end of the reservation
    • 30 days to resource the materials needed
    • 30 days to assemble the product
    • 30 days to ship the product
    • 5 days to conduct Quality Assurance at the factory
    • 5 – 10 days to conduct Quality Assurance at corporate
    • 5-10 days concurrently to package and ship products


Please compare your Euro Size in your current non ROCKDEEP Sneakers to this chart. Please select your Euro size that equates to ours and select the US size.


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