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Please compare your Euro Size in your current non ROCKDEEP Sneakers to this chart. Please select your Euro size that equates to ours and of course select the US size.

If you pick the wrong size you will be responsible for shipping the footwear to get the correct size.

If we send you a size you did not order, we will issue you a return label.  



Yennenga was a princess of Burkina Faso, who lived over 900 years ago, the daughter of the king Nedega and the queen Napoko. Nedega was an early 12th-century king of the Dagomba Kingdom in what is now northern Ghana.[2] Her father raised her to be like a boy by training her to be a skilled hunter and fighter. She was beautiful (her name, Yennenga, means "the slim" referring to her beauty[3]) and became a cultural icon, a woman with a strong character and an independent mind and beloved princess who from the age of 14, fought in battle for her father against the neighbouring Malinkés.[1][2] Skilled with javelinsspears and bows, she was an excellent horsewoman and commanded her own battalion.

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